Tower House in Texas by Andersson Wise Architects

A tower house which is equipped with all amenities and features is the future place to live and enjoy. There is a Tower House which is situated along the Travis Lake.  The latest design of this tower house which is deigned by Anderson wise, featured with some extra bedroom in the old tower house design. It means the new design of tower house has two additional bedrooms with living and baths area for groups of people to gather and enjoy collectively. The architect chooses to place new sleeping quarter in different towers. There is two small bedroom occupy first and second floor. On the terrace, which is thirty feet above the ground, you can get the breezing blowing from the lake. You can have the panoramic views of the lake from the terrace. You can see the views of the ground and nature from the terrace. You will get more space to live and enjoy with your friends in this tower house. The tower gives you the best experience of enjoying with your friends and has the best sceneries of the nature.

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