Top Three Spiritual Buildings

Whilst spiritual buildings may be fundamentally a place of worship, the religious motifs and the grandeur of the structures certainly catch the eye.There are tons of stunning holy buildings located all around the world, however the following three are undoubtedly sheer visions of beauty…

US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs, United States

This prominent building captivates attention because of its striking appearance and sheer size; soaring 150-foot into the sky. The exterior structure boasts an overriding futuristic feel, which is remarkable considering the US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel was built 51 years ago. The world renowned building was designed by American architect Walter Netsch.

Unfortunately, Netsch passed away in 2008, however this is undoubtedly his most famous piece of work. The structure is constructed from 17 aluminum, glass, and steel spires. They cleverly depict the feeling of fighter jets about to set off into the blue sky.

The interior of the building is a lot more colourful and alluring. The strips of stained glass incorporate various colours and this creates an energetic and vibrant ambiance.  A final point worth noting is that this incredible building offers places of worship for Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, and Jews.

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dubai, United Arab Emirates .

This building is colossal. It has the capacity to hold a monumental number of worshippers; 41,000 to be precise. Aside from this, the Sheikh Zayed Grand boasts 1,000 columns, 82 domes, and 24 gold chandeliers. If this wasn’t enough, the main prayer hall is host to what’s alleged to be the world’s biggest hand-knotted carpet – coming in at a huge 61,000 square-feet.

This mosque is a beautiful representation of world unity; incorporating materials and art from countries ranging from the UK to Malaysia and China to Italy. Every last detail of the opulent building is lavish and luxurious. The interior is filled to the brim with intricate and elaborate designs, with the floral pattern being a stand-out feature.

All Saints Chapel, Martinho Campos, Brazil.

The All Saints Chapel is the most recently constructed spiritual building included in this article; having been built in 2010. Brazilian architect Gustavo Penna is to credit for this  charming and arresting building. The chapel commands attention because of its brilliantly minimalistic design; with the stand-out feature inevitably being the immense cross structure. Penna displays his intelligence and skill aptly throughout the entire building.

Firstly, you have the delicate glass panels which appear to be holding up the heavy cross structure. Secondly, the Brazilian modernises Christian motifs throughout to give a suitable contemporary edge. The inside of the building contrasts the exterior. Boasting warm wood; the atmosphere is instantly inviting, uplifting, and energising.

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It creates a wonderful sense of protection and positivity, and this is only enhanced when the sunlight steeps inside. This description would not be complete without mentioning the baptismal font consisting of a rectangle-shaped reflecting pool at the entrance of the chapel – simplistically beautiful.



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