Top class residential house in Tokyo

People who desire the perfect combination of a contemporary house and proper atmosphere embedded in a single house must consider this house, which is located in one of the popular areas of Tokyo. The most distinguishing feature of the house is that the architects have tried to extend the atmosphere into the structure, and they have done it amazingly.

Green has been given utmost importance and used in abundance on the upper on the lower sides and placed three dimensionally. A technique which is known as OKU in Japan also has been used strategically.  The corridors of the upper floors are cranked like that of small passes.The building combines concrete and glass in a very nice way and the whole building looks clean and neat and perfect.

It suggests order just like the Japanese culture and you can use it for anything starting from an office to a home because the space does not have a personal touch, a particular feature. Actually I consider this impersonal style a minus, but I guess I’m not into the Asia culture and tradition so much and I prefer the openness of the Americans.{ Hiroyuki Miyabe / SPEAC, inc. }


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