Top class house in Zellerndor

Perfect for living with your home, this is a top class house in Zellerndor by Franz Architekten. In the first glance, the house appears as a house with an arrangement of a series of boxes. Well, this is exactly the way it has been designed.

The architecture of the house is simply marvelous as the whole structure has been divided into 3 independent entities in order to give the farmhouse look. All the entities are strategically connected by way of a glazed hall and circulation path. The residence houses a living room, kitchen room, master bedroom, children’s room, terrace, garden area and swimming pool.

This is certainly an architectural beauty. The shape is the most obvious argument. Furthermore, there are all sorts of details that support this remark and they are spread throughout the whole house. The result is a beautiful and equilibrated image. The views are not very spectacular but, nevertheless.

The location is great. There’s plenty of natural environment surrounding this house. The design is extremely simple, both on the outside and the inside. The house is shaped like a cube and it has no additional details. This makes it very attractive and intriguing. And the interior design is also interesting. It’s modern and beautiful, perfect for a house like this.

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