Top Class Fashionable House in Londrina, Brazil

Studio Guilherme Torres completed in 2009 the OM House, a residence they designed for an elderly couple that wanted this to function both as a full-time home and as a place that can accommodate their whole family when they come to visit on weekends.

To fulfill these requests, the architects created a 250 square meter house with a contemporary design and divided in two big blocks. The west wing contains three bedrooms and a small laundry area. In addition to these spaces, the residence also contains a spacious living area filled with natural light.

The palette of colors and materials is simple in order to allow the interior to be flexible and versatile. Tones of brown are mixed with white and beige to which natural wood accents are added. The simplicity of the décor allows the residence to be the perfect combination of looks and function.

The spacious living area opens onto a large terrace. This functions as a casual lounge and it also includes a lap pool placed along one of the walls. Full-height windows let the light get in and, at the same time, completely expose the living room to the outdoors and links the two spaces seamlessly.

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