Tiny Shipping Container Home With Rooftop Deck

As you probably know, there are quite a few shipping container homes for sale these days and a lot of them look really amazing. They inspire us to think outside the box when it comes to what a home should be and look like. CargoHome is a company that specializes in building such container homes. It was founded in 2017 and it offers a variety of beautiful models to choose from. They’re made using single-trip shipping containers and they’re all warm and cozy-looking, with large windows, glass doors and rooftop decks. You can barely see the underlying steel shell beneath all the wood, glass and everything else.

The Anchor

The Anchor is the smallest of all models offered by this company. It only measures 160 square feet (14.86 sqm) in total which makes it truly compact. Even so, it still has enough room for all the necessities and even some lovely decorations. The front doors are made of glass and swing 270 degrees, letting in natural light and framing a view of the outdoors. There’s enough space inside for a queen-size bed that folds up during the day and makes space for the sofa. There’s also a bathroom and a small but functional kitchen with either granite or quartz countertops, a fridge, sink, stovetop and storage. Of course there’s also the rooftop deck with cable railing and LED accent lights.

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The Crow’s Nest

This is very similar to the Anchor, featuring the same footprint and overall structure but with a few key differences in terms of interior design and space distribution. Compared to the previously mentioned model, the Crow’s Nest puts an emphasis on comfort and prioritizes the bed. It’s almost exclusively a bedroom with no living area which makes it a suitable option if you’re looking for a separate guest house idea for example. The rooftop deck is still present.

The Mainsail

The Mainsail measures 320 square feet (29.7 sqm) which is double the size of the previous two models. As such, it has a more spacious interior with both social and private areas. It has a separate bedroom with a queen-size bed, a kitchen and dining area and also a living area. It has large glass doors and two main entries. The kitchen is surprisingly big and is fully equipped with a stove, a fridge, sink and lots of storage. The dining area can accommodate 3 to 4 people. A spiral staircase gives access to the rooftop deck.

The Helm

This is the biggest of all the models, measuring 480 square feet (44.5 sqm) in total. It’s also the only one that has a second floor. This is made from a 40′ container and a 20′ one. The ground floor is the largest and houses a small bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a living area. There’s also a master suite and a bathroom on the second floor. The upstairs area also has large glass doors that open onto a rooftop deck. The interior as a whole is inviting and features shiplap paneling and comfortable furniture. The living room is multifunctional, featuring a full-size sofa and a fold-down table.

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