Tiny Mobile Home With Unusual Decor Features

We’ve seen our share of mobile homes and tiny houses and while we definitely enjoy the tech-savvy, modern models, we also find designs like this one very charming and interesting. It was named the Earth and Sky Palace and it’s small, measuring 200 square feet which is a little under 19 square meters. but despite the small size, this house has a cozy sleeping area, a dining space, a kitchen and a full-size bathroom.

This is definitely not the only interesting tiny home but it’s one of those that stood outWhat impresses the most is the weathered exterior which suggests a very cozy and inviting interior

Even though it’s tiny and modest-looking with its cedar facade, the house has some interesting interior design features that give a luxurious and sophisticated allure. For instance, it has dark bronze clad windows, rare and exotic Rosewood accents throughout, a brass sink and shower head in the bathroom and LED track lighting that highlights all the key areas.

The house is designed using a lot of reclaimed materials including salvaged pine and raw steelThe interior space is small but also well-organized and thus not cluttered

In addition to some tasteful interior design details, this tiny house also has a surround sound system and an air conditioning system which can be controlled via smartphone. These elements come in contrast with the weathered blue stain custom finish used on the facade. Of course, not everything in here is so modern-looking. In fact, the overall decor has a strong rustic-industrial vibe.

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The house may be tiny but it doesn’t compromise on utility, featuring a full bathroom and kitchenThe main sleeping area has a queen-size bed which can be converted into two lounge chairs

There are some interesting and unusual decor choices in here as well, such as the embossed alligator skin wallpaper or the 1800s antique pressed tin that came from a prison in Nebraska. They give the house a lot of character and uniqueness.

There’s even a small bar inside with a couple of metal and wood stools

The house has a solid steel frame that’s welded directly to the trailer and spray foam insulation. Inside, maple wood floors create a warm and pleasant ambiance and LED track lighting and dimmers throughout the space complete the decor. The interior design is also meant to be space-efficient and that’s why the queen-size bed in the main sleeping area (there’s a second one via can be accessed via a ladder) can be converted into two lounge chairs when needed.

The bathroom has a small window and a large mirror that give it a spacious and open feelThe oval bathroom sink is made of brass, giving the room a luxurious touch



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