Tiny House On Wheels Featuring a Smart and Modern Design

Not everyone enjoys to live in a small space when something bigger and more spacious is available. However, it’s all about preferences. For Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, the perfect home measures 221 square feet and was built by the couple.

Being a professional builder definitely has its advantages. In this case, for example, it allowed the couple to reduce the cost of the construction and to also control all the little details.

They called this the “hOMe project”. It’s a tiny house and it’s on wheels which means it can be easily relocated. Although small, the house has a fully equipped kitchen and even a staircase inside.

The staircase leads to the bedroom loft which is quite spacious and looks very cozy and comfortable. But the staircase is not there purely to offer access to this upper space. It’s also a great storage space. Underneath there are compartments for storing jackets, shoes and accessories. It’s one of the most interesting elements in the house which proves that you can find your way around small spaces if you’re creative enough.

The couple spent around $33,000 to build this house and the price includes the furniture and the appliances. Since they built it themselves, it cost them almost half. They managed to build a ebautiful house with a modern design and a very practical and functional interior.

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