Tiny House Built On The Bed Of A Flatbed Trailer

We’re all heard about people living in trailers or in mobile home but have you ever heard of someone building their house on the bed of a 24-foot long, 8-foot wide flatbed trailer? Well, this architect did. She built this tiny 196 square foot house from scratch and the made it her dream home. Because she wanted the house to be sustainable, it took longer to build it than expected, mainly because the process of turning recycled pallets into siding was slow.

The architect started this project in December 2011. She built the house whenever she had free time in between her work and social activities. She used sustainable building materials and made no compromises, even though this caused the construction process to take longer then anticipated. As you can see, the house looks like a miniature version of a regular home. It’s somewhere in between traditional and modern. It has wooden exterior, a tiny deck and a very welcoming interior.

As expected, the layout is not the most wonderful option. The house is long and narrow so there’s not much space for large living spaces. The tiny house has everything it needs but in smaller versions. It has a small kitchen, a tiny dining area, a work space, a sleeping area, a bathroom and even a small deck and they all fit in there.

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Found on tinyhouseswoon and images by MiniMotives.



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