Tiny Container House With A Covered Deck And A Cozy Loft Bedroom

Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular which in turn means shipping containers are in quite high demand these days. The containers are used by many companies to create wonderful little structures with inspiring designs and all sorts of cool features.

One of them is Custom Containers Living, a company based in Kansas which built this beautiful 312 square feet house. As it’s the case with most such projects, the house is small but full of great surprises

On the outside the design is linear and quite flat yet not without character. The light blue siding and the exposed barn wood at the top help to break the simplicity and to add a bit of depth to the design. The small array of windows at the top have a similar effect. The top section also extends over to one side creating a covered deck area which can be furnished with a couple of chairs and a small table and turned into a lovely relaxation spot.

The interior of the house is of course small but cozy and welcoming. The French doors create a visual separation between the kitchen and the living area. The kitchen is small but has plenty of storage. It feature birch wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances and counters and a built-in microwave on one side. On the opposite side there’s a full-size fridge and a washer/dryer combo with more storage above designed to match the kitchen cabinets. The living area is big enough for a small sofa and a couple of chairs and it has access to the covered deck. The bathroom which is also part of this floor is small, featuring metal siding and a tub and shower combo.

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There’s also a loft area that extends above the door leading out to the deck. This is where the bedroom is. It has a shelving unit serving as a divider and storage module, space for a queen-size bed, and a windows that let in light and fresh air.

The stairs leading up to the loft have built-in storage and a metal handrail attached to the wall. That rounds up the interior. As you can see, the design is simple and meant to create a cozy vibe. It’s also meant to stay true to the fact that this used to be a shipping container. You can still see exposed metal in some places. For example, there’s a metal ceiling in the main area and metal walls in the bathroom.



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