Tiny Churches in Detroit Photographed

In the present, humanity still needs spirituality to keep some people happy. Even though we don’t all share the same beliefs, there’s no reason we can’t agree with certain things that deserve to be appreciated. In this case we’re talking about an interesting project developed in Detroit, Michigan. It’s a productive project that included the creation of a series of tiny churches.

The churches were photographed by Kevin Bauman. The main idea behind this project was to take some old or abandoned buildings and turn them into small churches. Among these building we can mention old gas stations, houses and office buildings. The great thing is that already existing building were used in this project so there wasn’t any need to use sites that might make good locations for a new home or for something else. Moreover, these tiny churches also add character to the city and they also all have their own history and personality.

This is an atypical project, original and interesting at the same time. The idea of taking old and abandoned buildings and turning them into something new that people can enjoy is very interesting. I can easily support such a project rather than one involving the erection of a new and huge church somewhere where something more productive could have been built. This project is not only harmless for those who don’t share the same belief system as those frequenting the churches but it’s even something that brings joy to some people.{found on fastcodesign}.

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