Tiny Cabin In California, Camouflaged In The Woods

Last week we showed you a selection of micro houses and they were all tiny and extremely interesting, featuring well-organized interiors and ingenious designs. Today we’re going to talk about something similar: a tiny cabin in the woods of California. It could very well fit into last week’s article, if only we knew about it then.

The shape of the house and the green roof allow it to blend in

The cabin looks very simple and it’s also quite small. It features an A-frame which gives an appearance similar to that of a tent but, of course, with a better structure and better insulation.

A cast-iron stove is the focal point of the living areaThe seating and dining areas are delimited by colorful area rugs

The cabin was built in 1968 in the woods of Dorrington, California. It has been restored throughout the years and it looks pretty much modern with some unmistakable rustic charm. Once you step inside, the atmosphere becomes very cozy and pleasant.

The kitchen has a window which lets in natural lightSuspended shelving partially solves the storage problem
The living area is modest but comfortable and cozyIt has access to a beautiful deck from where to admire the surroundingsA suspended staircase offers access to the second floorHere there’s a study room with access to a balconyThe bedroom is tiny but the exposed beams make it feel very cozy

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A wooden staircase leads upstairs where you find the bedroom, a study and a lovely balcony.

The exterior of the cabin is meant to camouflage it into the woodsThe long deck is the perfect relaxation spot during sunny days

The wood makes the cabin look warm and inviting. In addition, the interior design is charming as well. A classic firewood stove made of cast iron can be seen in the living room. This area is in fact an open plan which also includes a dining area with a wooden table and wooden benches and the kitchen which has a window and wooden furniture to match the beams and the rest of the cabin’s décor. {found on tinyhousetalk and images by David Nichols}.



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