Tiny And Self-Sufficient House Built In The Netherlands

As we become more aware of the need to protect our planet and to save space, we become more interested in the concept of small-scale living. Houses like this tiny one in The Netherlands inspire us to try something new and Eco-friendly. This is actually the first tiny house to be legally built in The Netherlands, with others to follow on its footsteps.

Tiny house in The Netherlands overall design

Tiny house in The Netherlands windows from the outside

The house measures only 23 square meters and it was designed by Walden Studio, a company that believes in compact and efficient living and self—sustaining architecture. The team is specialized in small-scale architecture and was perfect for the job.

Tiny house in The Netherlands font window

Tiny house in The Netherlands back facade

This project, considered unusual for the region, was completed in 2016. There were many challenges to overcome, the most important one of all being the reduced size. Because the house is so compact, everything had to be scaled down and only the absolutely necessary features had to be included in its design.

Tiny house in The Netherlands windows from the outside

However, that didn’t mean a dramatic drop in comfort. The design approach was a multifunctional one. That meant combining elements and functions that could easily be independent into new structures designed to save space. The overall design is a very ingenious one which reinvents all sorts of features. For example, the front door of this tiny house is actually made of two large windows.

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Tiny house in The Netherlands on wheels

Tiny house in The Netherlands carried by car

The kitchen and a set of stairs are positioned at the center of the house. This is also where a small desk can be found. Although the combination of functions is a bit odd, it’s a combo that makes sense for this space.

Tiny house in The Netherlands entrance

The stairs hide storage inside and provide a perfect storage nook for the fridge behind them. One can use the asymmetrical stairs to reach the loft space where the sleeping zone is situated. Up here there’s a comfortable bed, a set of shelves to its side and a skylight window that offers a lovely view of the surroundings.

Tiny house in The Netherlands kitchen and desk

There are actually four skylights in total and their role is to bring more natural light into the house but also to reveal views of the surrounding landscape and the sky. They also contribute to an overall open and spacious look despite the reduced dimensions of the floor plan.

Tiny house in The Netherlands asymmetrical staircase

Tiny house in The Netherlands stairs with storage

A small corner couch is the main component of the living space. This is in fact an area which can easily change its function. The seating unit is multifunctional and can be transformed into a dining table with four seats whenever needed.

Tiny house in The Netherlands corner seat with storage

Tiny house in The Netherlands table for four

A surprising section of this micro house is the bathroom which is not as small as expected. Moreover, this room also offers a panoramic view, featuring a large window compared to the overall scale. There’s enough space here for a tub which shows that luxury knows no limits.

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Tiny house in The Netherlands large window and view

The bathroom has a compost toilet and this just one of the features that make this an eco-friendly and self-sustaining house. Others include a rainwater harvesting system and three large solar panels installed on the roof.

Tiny house in The Netherlands bathroom view

Simple and light materials were used throughout the project. They help keep the structure lightweight and fresh, especially when used in combination with neutral and light colors such as the ones used in this case. The abundant natural light completes the image.

Tiny house in The Netherlands loft bedroom

The facade of the house is made of thermally modified and naturally treated pine wood and the overall structure is made of spruce wood. Ecological paint was used throughout and the floor was covered in cork for thermal insulation and comfort.

Tiny house in The Netherlands skylight

Despite the dimensions of this tiny house on wheels, this project actually offers lots of freedom in a sense. Because the house is so small, only the necessary and useful elements are included in its design. The reduced size also offers the advantage of having to clean less and to consume less energy.



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