Tiered Residence In Harmony With Its Surroundings And Beautiful Views

Built in a beautiful rocky area, on the shore of a lake, the Estrade Residence is a large and magnificent family home that makes the most of its surroundings and location. The house was designed by MU Architecture, a studio that takes on every challenge with an enthusiastic attitude and that strongly believes that each project should be the result of the perfect harmony between dialogue and creativity.

The design of the house was in part dictated by the topography of the siteThe site has a slope and this allowed the designers to create a beautiful tiered garden outdoorsIn response to the sloped and uneven site, the architects built the house with a series of terraces

The residence is located in Quebec, Canada and occupies an area of 3,600 square meters. It was completed in 2015. The strategy used by the architects was to try to highlight all the peculiarities of the site as best as possible instead of trying to diminish and eliminate or hide them. As a result, the house has a unique design that responds to the unusual rocky topography.

A lot of the rocks that were excavated from the site during construction were then displayed on the propertyThe house has an irregular form composed on several volumes, each with its own unique ambiance and structureAn important attribute of the building is the fact that it blends well with its surroundings

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A staggered layout was chosen for the residence. This meant that it was designed with a multitude of terraces which have their own role. The terraces establish a strong dialogue between the interior spaces and their outdoor surroundings. They were also beautifully designed, featuring wooden floors that match those of the interior spaces. That means that there’s cohesion between the spaces and that the transition is smooth and almost seamless.

The volumes are simple and each space has an impact on how the house was built and structuredAll the different terraces offer a tight relationship with the outdoors, creating seamless transitions between the spacesLarge sliding glass doors are also used to strengthen the dialogue between the interior spaces and the outdoors

Large sliding glass doors also ensure a seamless transition between the interior living spaces and their adjacent terraces. In addition, they also bring in a lot of natural light and expose the wonderful views of the lake and the surrounding landscape. The rock garden designed with what was excavated from the site can also be seen and admired from indoors.

Full high windows and sliding doors minimize the barriers between the indoor and outdoor spacesThe staircase corridor has its own huge window that brings natural light in and reveals a really nice viewThe staircase has a really lightweight appearance created by eliminating the posts and columns of the railings

When designing the staircase, the architects wanted it to look lightweight and they achieved that by eliminating the columns that are usually part of the railings. As a result, these were made of glass and they stay transparent, exposing the treads and the space between them.

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Although large and open, the living area also feels really comfortable and welcomingThe use of warm wood for the floors and ceilings ensures a pleasant and comfortable ambiance throughout the residenceA large island that also serves as a bar sets a clear distinction between the kitchen and the living spaces

A double-sided fireplace acts as a divider between the living space and the kitchen and dining areas. Together, all of these spaces form an open floor plan. Each has its own design peculiarities and ambiance. The kitchen, for example, was designed with black ash furniture and an adjacent veranda.

The kitchen’s main color is a dark tone of brown which allows this area to have its own characterA lot of wood was also used in the bedrooms as a way to ensure a relaxing and comfortable ambiance

The upper level is where the master bedroom is situated together with its private bathroom and large walk-in closet. Both the bedroom and the bathroom are exposed to the panoramic views.

The bathrooms have large windows too and they let both the light and the views inThe lower level is a recreation area furnished with a ping pong table



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