Three-story house in Malaysia with stunning views from the roof terrace

Located in the exotic Kaala Lampus, the capital city of Malaysia, this stunning house beautifully uses color and contrasts in order to stand out and to complement the landscape. The house was designed by Arkitek Axis. It has three stories in total and it offers gorgeous views from the roof terrace.

The project was completed in September 2000 and the style chosen is modern is local influences. Each level has a different function. The first floor contains three bedrooms, a family room and a big balcony overlooking the pool area. At the top, there’s a roof garden and a terrace and from here the views are even more amazing. The design of the house is simple but also sophisticated and luxurious. We love the contrasts of colors, textures and materials and the way these elements communicate with each other.

The interior design features the same juxtapositions as the facade. The colors sued here are pure and simple. White was used on the walls and ceiling and the floors are dark brown. There are occasional bursts of color and bold shades allow the design to come to life.

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