Three Levels Gordons Bay House in Sydney

This complex residence is the Gordons Bay House and it’s located in Sydney, Australia. It’s a contemporary building that was designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects with some help from interior designer Alexandra Donohoe and landscape architect Terragram. The building has a very interesting design. It seems to be composed of several levels, very well delimitated both visually and structurally.

The house has three different levels. Each level is alternatively offset from the boundary by six degrees. It wasn’t a philosophical choice but rather a design imposed by the site. Each level is differently oriented in order to respond to the constraints imposed by the site. The building sits on the hillside, overlooking the bay. This means it provides very beautiful views but since the site wasn’t very friendly, some challenges had to be overcome.

The building features a garage floor that can be easy accessed from the adjacent lane. The ground floor is slightly angled towards northwest in order to benefit from panoramic views of the bay. The first floor is differently oriented and it’s also composed of a series of roof terraces. Inside, the levels are connected by a very beautiful double height gallery stairwell that also accommodates the client’s extensive art collection. The stairwell also introduces light and air into the center of the building. The site presented several challenges but, in the end, they have all been used in the client’s and the building’s favor.{found on archdaily and pic by Richard Glover}.

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