Three levels contemporary house with large windows

The ‘TBONE house’ is design by the ‘Coast office architecture’. The ‘T’ designed house has three levels. The ‘TBONE House’ is located inStuttgart,Germany. What I find very interesting is that the house captures rainwater and converts it into clean water for indoor use of the home.This is the best bachelor home there is. There reason is very simple. Because the building is built on the not so populated areas of Stuttgart, it can be a non-stop party house, without worrying about your crazy neighbors when they’ll hear your loud music.

With a large space, special made for you and your quality time, your friends will be jealous of you. The house is constructed on three levels, the underground level, the ground level, and the first floor. On the underground level you have the kitchen, which is one beautiful, yet modern one with nice lines that surrounds it. Also on the underground level you have your living room, where you can easily read a book or work on your projects in the light of day. The bedroom is at the last floor. This level has small windows for a good night sleep.

The large windows create a pleasant, light, combined with the outside view that transforms the place into the perfect home for a lone wolf. The garage is located on the ground level, and it is integrated in the architecture of the house. Your car will go perfectly in, and will be like a trophy hanged on the wall.

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