The World’s Most Amazing Observation Decks And The Stunning Views They Offer

Our world is very beautiful and although we’re aware that there are some pretty amazing places out there, few of us actually get to admire them in their full splendor. We’re not talking about famous cities, buildings and landmarks but about nature and its immense and majestic beauty. If you were to pick a specific spot from which to enjoy all this right now, where would that be? We actually have a few suggestions. There are a few amazing structures out there built in key spots and with observation decks which allow visitors to admire some of the most extraordinary landscapes from the best possible location.

Norway is a picturesque country with lots of great places to visit and lots of amazing vistas to admire. The mountains and the valleys are particularly spectacular and there are many tourist trails which take advantage of that. Now, thanks to studio Code Arkitektur there’s also a viewing platform which provides the perfect resting spot and which is designed to make the most of the panorama. The platform is made of concrete and has a triangular shape. It’s called Utsikten and you can find it near the top of the Gaular mountain.

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Although the landscape around the Gemma Observatory is pretty beautiful, that’s not what you’d be looking at if you were to go here. This is a private observatory built in central New Hampshire, on a remote peak away from light pollution. It was designed by Anmahian Winton Architects to accommodate a single occupant and it has an observation deck at the top which rotates to provide different views of the night sky. Inside there’s a large telescope.

You wouldn’t really expect a vineyard to have an observation deck and that’s one of the things that make this tower from Tasmania such a cool attraction. The lookout tower was designed by Cumulus Studio using repurposed shipping containers. It contains a wine-tasting space and a food-sampling area which look pretty nice but the coolest element of all is the tower which has an observation deck at the top from where visitors can admire expansive views of the Freycinet Peninsula.

Looking at this structure we can’t help but think of a famous syntagm: stairway to heaven. In a way, that’s exactly what this is. The staircase was designed by studio Close to Bone and replaced a previously existing lookout post which was made out of wood and was burnt by vandals. To prevent such actions in the future, the new structure was built out of galvanized steel. It’s 11.5 meters tall and it’s supported by any columns. The staircase is simply floating, defying gravity.

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Admiring a magnificent landscape from the edge of a cantilevered observation deck can definitely be an amazing experience which can send chills down one’s spine but you know would be even more amazing than that? A viewing platform with a glass floor so you can look straight down. Not everyone would dare to do that but if you think you’re brave enough, check out this awesome structure from the Canadian Rockies. It was designed by Sturgess Architecture and it’s called Glacier Skywalk.



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