The wooden switch box

This is a residence located in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a modern house that was recently renovated by Naf Architect & Design. The name of the project was Switch Box in House. It’s because all the rooms of the house are connected to a wooden box located in the center. The central wooden structure is connected to an electrical switch box.

This box-like structure from the middle of the house contains staircases leading both up and down and it also includes an entrance from house into the chiropractic surgery and seating area. Considering the double function that this house fulfills, both as a private residence and a workplace for the client, the wooden box was a very ingenious idea that really suits this purpose. Above the box, on the first floor, are located the living and dining areas. The roof of the box forms the surface of a kitchen worktop so it integrates naturally into the décor.


The project included the total renovation of the house. The central wooden box was installed during the renovation and it’s made of deck lumber. The house is actually quite old. It was built 17 years ago. It has 4 bedrooms and a garage partially situated underground. The residence now also includes a chiropractic clinic and this was the main reason why the wooden box was needed. It delimitates the areas and it provides access to all the rooms of the house: the living and dining rooms from upstairs, the master bedroom, the karaoke room from the basement.

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Even though the space might seem drastically divided, the box features interspaces between lumber that let sunlight get downstairs and also let voices get through. The connection is still strong even though visually delimitated. The project is very interesting and it shows us how a typical family house can be turned into an interactive space.

switch box.



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