The Wooden Patio House by Marcio Kogan

The Coser House is a modern and very serene residence designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. Given the large dimensions of the project, the architect and the interior design had the opportunity to play with shapes and colors to create a truly wonderful environment.

The living space has a central position and is enclosed by the ground floor. The wine and large windows connect the interior spaces with the beautiful outdoor areas. In addition to that, nature has become a physical part of the design. Notice the beautiful trees which were preserved and incorporated into the outdoor spaces. Materials, textures, colors and lighting were all carefully chosen and they mix wonderfully, creating a soothing, pleasant and serene environment and ambiance.

The interior spaces are large but they also have a very warm and cozy feel, given by the unique mix of textures, colors and accent details. Although concrete and modern materials in general are not particularly known to create such a décor and ambiance, in this case, they were expertly used and converted into a marvelous project most would be proud to call home. Also, the way the house is continuously connected to the natural environment and to the surroundings is gorgeous and very inspiring.

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