The Wood Home in Japan

If you don’t have the space you need to build your dream house, there’s a solution for you. And we have a very good example too. This house from Asaka-shi Saitama, Japan gives you plenty of comfort in a little space. Designed by the architects from Jun’ichi Ito Architect & Associates and finished in 2010, the building has just 105.13 sqm and is located in a column-free space.

The architects created it with gate-style frames and using laminated lumbers of red pine. The most interesting thing is that the interior has movable walls and floor that can be changed easily. For example, the balcony from the living room is made from wooden cantilever of approximately 2m tall and has no reinforced steels. With a perfect structure, this room looks very modern and safe.

With a simple structure, the house looks amazing and it is also a low-cost construction. These types of homes become increasingly popular and bought. And, for a safer solution, the external walls have an insulation method and the opening of the windows was enlarged for the mixture of sash of frame-type housing. By introducing heat-insulation materials the longevity of the building was achieved. And, as we know, the wooden materials are energy conservators, so you won`t have such a problem.

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Even if it doesn’t occupy a lot of space, the house looks amazing and the rooms are quite big. So, there’s plenty of place for a family with children, and the home won’t have any problem with the mold. Not only it is easier and more cheap, but it also healthy for your children.



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