The Wimberley House by Cunningham Architects

This beautiful retreat is contemporary residence featuring a very cozy interior design. It’s located in Wimberley, a small town in Hays County, Texas, USA. The house was a project by Dallas-based studio Cunningham Architects. It was a 5,000 square feet project and the construction was completed in 2010.

The house looks very solitary and lonely on top of that hill. It’s surrounded by trees and vegetation froe everywhere and when you first see it you wonder if there’s even any way to get there. It’s actually not that secluded. It’s true that the house is situated in the middle of the forest, but that was exactly the main idea. It had to be in a quiet area, where the owners could relax and admire the nature.

It was difficult to build the house considering that the area wasn’t flat. Nevertheless, the project team managed to turn that in their favor and they’ve decided to incorporate a sort of covered deck in there. The house features an L-shape that allowed the separation of the bedroom wing from the public areas.

There’s also a large roof deck that offers very beautiful views and is capable to accommodate large family gatherings. The roof deck is also used as a rainwater harvesting solution. As for the interior, it’s very cozy and inviting. The wooden ceiling and the furniture contribute to this effect.

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