The Willow House – Embraces The Beauty And Serenity Of The Natural World

The Willow House, in urban Singapore, is an inspiring architectural structure, designed by Guz Architects that naturally merges modern design with natural surroundings with functional warmth – a great combination for a young family.

Surrounded by water and set among gracefully draping willow trees and plenty of other greenery, this home embraces the beauty and serenity of the natural world. Embraces and integrates into its design so cohesively that we might begin to think that the house was there first and nature simply grew up and around it.

Blurred Lines of Indoor/Outdoor Flow:

Open spaces abound – between the tops of walls and ceilings, within walls themselves, and between nearby walls that would typically be adjacent – to create a floor plan that seamlessly transitions between inside and outside. The color scheme is kept neutral and natural, with the primary colors involved being the green of the trees and the blue of the sky.

Abundant Use of Natural Materials:

To continue blurring the line between home and nature, plenty of natural materials comprise the bulk of this structure. Wood, teak, and stone capitalize on both horizontal and vertical lines, which mimics the variety of form found in nature itself. Open air hardly counts as a “material,” of course, but it’s used in abundance as a design strategy, as the home capitalizes on sunlight and shade and overhead ceiling cover.

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Geometric Shapes:

Vertical lines (for example, wooden posts) and horizontal lines (for example, laid stone) provide the jumping-off point for other geometric shapes and figures to be introduced to this serene utopian scene. Angled posts become triangles, circle cutouts softened by green growth pay homage to the sun and its bountiful light and role in plant growth.

Unobtrusive Modern Amenities:

Components of the Willow House are designed to blend in with the natural surroundings – the pond-like pool, glass-walled wood boardwalk hallways, and cabled stairway, as some examples. During the nighttime, when the house is lit by well-positioned exterior lights, the result is more than a contemporary natural home. It’s more like a seemingly internally lit soul on the hilltop.



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