The Wildcat Ridge Residence in Aspen, Colorado

We love nature and we want to live in the middle of it, far away from the city’s noise and pollution. But loving nature is not enough. We also must respect it. This means two things: on one hand we must conserve it and not brutally interfere in its environment, on the other hand we must understand its power and wildness which sometimes can be dangerous.

That’s why when we think about building a house on the top of the mountain we should also think about all the problems that might interfere. A great example of introducing a building in a untouched savage natural environment is the Wildcat Ridge Residence situated in Aspen, Colorado, from the Western United States. The project was created by Bartholomew Voorsangerwho managed to merge with elegance a house into the wild landscape of the mountain, atan elevation of 9,200 feet.

The architects had to solve two problems. The first one was related to making the construction fit the natural setting. For this he built the house using materials that remind of an alpine landscape. He mixed stone and wood and he designed large glass wall to give the impression of an open space. The second problem concerned the large quantity of snow which might cause damages to the roof. So the architects projected an unusual roof, very dramatic and plate, sharp on one side, capable to sustain lots of snow without charging the house.  The final product is a real masterpiece and it sure fits the wonderful environment.{found on yatzer}.

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