The White/Perrin Ocean House,Perfect House For Retirement

The White/Perrin Ocean House is surely a house that does worth all its money: based on raw wood and thick glass, with marine elements – large deck- and with a splendid view at the ocean; who can ask for more?

In certain parts of the house(living room, bedroom and kitchen), the normal walls are replaced with tick glasses. The intimacy problem has been solved as well, as the house is elevated on a platform sustained by strong supports. This allows it to have its own deck, fact that is really great for an ocean house.

In the interior, everything is based on wood: tables, chairs, bed and several other accessories. As well, every thing in the room has the same light brown color.

The most special thing about this house is surely the deck: it’s a solid wooden deck, that allows the owners to stay and relax in the sunny days and enjoy of an astonishing view at the sea.{ Dock4 Architecture }


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