The Vader House by Andrew Maynard

Australian architect Andrew Maynard is a pretty famous name when it comes to designing or renovating houses and his Vader House is a good example of his genius. This renovated space came up a year ago and is still being discussed across the internet for its finesse. This open-air home is the extension of the Victorian terrace and we’ve also come to admire its geometric space.

The house despite the renovation maintains the old brick perimeter which manages in rendering the old city charm amidst a modern construction pattern.   The lower level of the house gets the main living areas will the upper level gets a nice resting area under the angular ceiling.

This is certainly an unusual structure. Not just because of the style but mostly because of the shape. It has a very odd appearance, but this only makes it original and unique. The exterior design is strange but beautiful and impressive. And this continues on the inside too.This is a modern residence, both if you analyze from the outside, as well as from the inside.

The interior design is modern, relatively simple and there a nice warm feeling that you get when you step inside. It’s probably because of all the wood used. But there’s also a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It’s a beautiful place and it also makes a great family home.

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