The Utopian Quinta da Baronesa

This piece of paradise seems almost too good to be true. It’s rare to find such a beautiful location, with extensive natural landscape and beautiful vegetation, not to mention the uninterrupted and panoramic views. It’s exactly how Quinta da Baronesa could be best described.

This is an exquisite residence and it’s located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The beautiful grass slopes hide the residence from the street and they provide beautiful views for the inhabitants. The house resembles an emerging wooden block and it’s actually made from organic sustainable Cumaru and old brick from a former demolition. So it’s not just beautiful but also sustainable and environment-friendly.

The house was designed by Studio Arthur Casas and their intention was to create a house that would go unnoticed from the street perspective. I think they’ve done more than that. The slopes carefully conceal the house and the organic materials used to build it are a reward for nature’s kindness.

The residence features a network of interconnected open areas including a horizontal pergola, an endless lap pool and a lush golf course. Quinta da Baronesa is a great family home. It’s the type of home most people dream of. Even though I prefer apartment and I would never accept to move into a house, I have to say that I’m beginning to have second thoughts.{pics made by Leonardo Finotti}

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