The Unconventional Forms And Modern Design Of The M House

The M House is a project that, even though doesn’t have a unique name, it does have a very special design. The M House can be Sinera, in the Republic of Moldova and it was designed by Chisinau-based architectural practice Marcel Luchian Studio. It’s a single family home and it impressed with its unconventional shape and modern architecture.

Even though it doesn’t stand out that much because of its simplicity, the house is a surprising structure. It impresses with its modern architecture, smooth design and shape. The unconventional forms are just one of the elements that make this building unique and special.

Another interesting detail would be the combination of materials. The house is mainly a mix of glass and concrete, two materials that are very different but that work beautifully together in most cases. They share the strength and versatility.

The interior design of the M House is minimalist but it’s also very harmonious. There’s a very nice balance of textures, colors and light. The simple black and white exterior and its smooth lines sets a tone that is also reflected in the interior design. The rooms are simply decorated but they are also luxurious and stylish.

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The décor is elegant and modern and everything is wonderfully balanced. The color palette is restraint and includes mostly neutral and earthy shades but they create an inviting atmosphere and an airy look. The property also includes a large outdoor swimming pool and plenty of outdoor lounge space, both features that add to the charm of the house itself.



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