The ultimate unconventional home: church converted into a family mansion

In their search for the perfect family home, people often make some odd choices. We have seen people converting ships, trucks, even barns into lovely homes. But not a lot of people have the imagination and courage to convert a church into a personal home. This is the case of Mr. Akhavan. This gothic structure, once called “Golden Lutheran Church” can be found in San Francisco and incorporates 3 bedrooms, an enormous living room, 4 fireplaces, a spacious dinning room and a large garage. The details incorporated in this architectural beauty as well as the incredible view that it offers make this extraordinary construction a very interesting and unique home.

On one hand, living in a church might be unpleasant, especially with all the dead people close-by. But on the other hand, you would be actually living in the “House of God”, the generally called supreme Divinity, if you believe in this kind of things.

So if you are not the conventional type and you are searching for a unique place to live, this is the home for you. It is the perfect combination between old and modern, between myth and reality, sacred and profane.

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