The Ultimate Off-The-Grid, Smart, Luxury Home Money Can Buy

We like to think that we reached a point when a lot of things in our day-to-day life can become digitalized and simplified and that we can enjoy smart homes that make life easier. But what does a truly smart home look like? Nevada-based studio can answer that question better than most of us because they’re the ones that designed and built one of the most amazing structures: a self-sustainable, off-the-grid, smart and luxurious house.

They’re built it out of robust materials which can withstand the test of time and can adapt to virtually any location: carbon fiber, guarded glass, and patented composite polymer insulation which can be 3D printed into a construction material which is used for building walls. Together with the 6-panel windows these walls create vacuum insulation and allow the house to withstand extreme weather and climates. 

What’s also impressive about this house is the fact that its off-the-grid version uses only solar energy in a highly efficient manner. It’s also equipped with a lot of amazing systems and features including water tanks, autonomous sewage and battery storage. It even regenerates water from air condensation. There are also several integrates healthcare systems which check and control the air quality inside the house, the oxygen and carbon levels and the water quality. 

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The house is entirely constructed and assembled in the factory and then delivered to the desired location. It doesn’t need a foundation and can be placed on any flat surface. It’s easy to place and to relocate and it comes pre-equipped with everything one could need including all the furniture, a complete kitchen with appliances, a Sonos speaker system, a Nest security camera, a smart thermostat and even Apple TV, a 100” projection screen, 24/7 internet connection and a fingerprint door lock. 

There’s even a few really cool Easter eggs integrated into the design. For example, every time a rocket leaves Earth the lights in the house blink blue and every time a rocket returns they flash green. The house doesn’t need to be connected or plugged-in and can be enjoyed right away. 

You’re probably wondering how big this house actually is and how much something like this costs. There are three size options. The smallest one is a 400 square foot studio, the medium one is an 800 square foot two-bedroom house and the biggest of them measures 1,600 square feet and has two floors, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

This obviously targets the luxury market so the price is steep. The grid-connected base model starts at $199,999 with a variety of extra features that can be added to it. The top level model goes as high as $1 million. This really is the ultimate smart luxury home. 

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