The two-level residence in Takarazuka, Japan

This beautiful two-level residence was a project developed by Antonino Cardillo architect and Yukinori Nagao. The house is located in Takarazuka, Japan and it was designed for Nomura Koumuten. It was built in 2010 and it sits on a 150 square meter site.

The house is a two-level structure and it has been built on a hill. It sits on a trapezoidal plot in a suburb in the district of Hyōgo, overlooking Ōsaka bay. It has a wooden structure, whitewashed walls and a pitched roof. The interior is functionally structured. The ground floor is the sleeping area and it includes three cozy bedrooms with bathrooms and an entrance hall.

The living area is on the first floor. It includes the kitchen, the dining area, the sitting room, a patio and a Japanese room or washitsu. The living room has a polygonal shape with seven sides. It’s a bright and airy space. At the rear of the house there was a small space between the kitchen and the Japanese room that has been turned into a patio. These two rooms are connected to the living room through two low doorways. This is a lovely home with beautiful interior decors and with beautiful contemporary architecture. Both the exterior and the interior of the residence feature modern lines and a certain simplicity that makes everything special.{found on archdaily and pics by Antonino Cardillo}

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