The two in one CGM House by Ricardo Torrejón

The CGM House is a residence located in Los Aromos, Limache, Valparaíso Region, Chile. It covers an area of 310.0 square meters and it features a contemporary design. The house was a project developed by Ricardo Torrejón Schellhorn and it was completed in 2012. The owners had one difficult request. They wanted this to be a fulltime residence or a primary residence as they described it but they also wanted it to feel like a vacation house. It was a very interesting and understandable request, after all who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re in vacation in their own home?

The challenge of creating a primary residence within the context of a holiday retreat was not easy to overcome. Luckily for the architects, the environment was perfect. It was very quiet and almost isolated, with panoramic and unobstructed views of the landscape. The owners also had two more basic requests. They wanted this house to facilitate intense social activities, to allow them to easily interact with friends and family members and to be a pleasant space for people of all ages. The second request was related to privacy. The owners wanted the house to offer intimacy and privacy while also having a flexible design.

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As you can imagine, making all those wishes come true wasn’t easy, especially since some of them are almost contradictory. To solve these problems, the architects designed the house as a series of independent volumes, each with a different function. These volumes can be isolated from the rest of the house for more privacy but they can also be made a part of the whole design.

There are four volumes. One of them is to be used by the parents, another one by the children, one includes the common spaces and the last one the service areas. It’s a very functional design that solves all the problems and responds to all the requests.{found on archdaily}.



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