The Trojan House stands out with its extreme cantilevered design

Out of all the cantilevered buildings architects designed all over the world, the Trojan House is one of the most impressive and eye-catching. You can find this house is Melbourne, Australia. It was designed by the architects from Jackson Clemens Burrows and it’s definitely an imposing building.

One of the most interesting parts of the design is the huge cantilever which contains three kids’ bedrooms. It was built above the spacious living area and the large kitchen. It’s a smart choice as it forms a private area just for the kids and separates the bedrooms from the noisy day zones. The design of the building is modern and simple. We love the exterior and the way the shutters cover the windows and blend in seamlessly.

There was also another reason for this unusual design. The architects wanted to retain as much space as possible for the back yard so they designed this cantilever. It was a great way of hitting two birds with one stone. Underneath this private zone, a deck was incorporated into the building’s design.


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