The “Tre Volte’ A Two-Storey Private Dwelling in Kanagawa, Japan

Everyone has a hobby and things they love and want to be part of their life. Usually people like to include their passions in their homes and usually this is possible because we’re talking about things like plants, stamp collections, antiques etc. But what happens when someone really likes cars? Well, that person should probably limit itself to the garage. However, there are some people that are more stubborn and don’t want to do that. In that case it’s best if you try to make the best of the situation, like the owners of the “Tre Volte” did.

Tre Volte is located in Kanagawa, Japan and it was designed by takeshi hirobe architects. The house is really not that special if you ignore the fours car from the living room and garden from the middle of the house. In other words, this is a unique project. The owner really likes the four cars that he owned and he wanted to design the new house around this idea, trying to find a way that would let him take his cars inside.

The house features three garage entrances on the street level and they are set back deep into the layout of the house. On the south end of the design there’s another sheltered garage that’s large enough for two vehicles. The entrances provide easy access and exit to the road and they are partially finished in glass.

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The second storey of the house hosts the private areas of the house, like the dining, living, kitchen, the bedrooms and the kid’s rooms. The whole structure is U-shaped and in the middle there’s a central courtyard that provides natural light and freshness. The courtyard is surrounded by sliding glass partitions.{found on designboom}



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