The Tomblerone Brazilian Home

Living in Sao Paolo is an amazing fact indeed. But imagine this scenario: living in an amazing home in Sao Paolo. It is way better. The Contemporary Toblerone House from the Brazilian city is designed by StudioMK27 and it was complete in 2011. As the architects said, the most important aspect of this contemporary home is that she can be described in a single word: unique.

As you can see in the pictures, the large glass doors that support the wooden box above is very good delimited. In fact, the first floor of the home it is very different than the second one. If you can see the interior of the first floor very good from outside, you can’t say the same thing about the second floor. On the first level you can find the living room, the utilities and the kitchen while the second one has the three bedrooms, the den and even a home theatre.

Even if when you see it for the first time it looks very simple, her structure is very well though. So it consists in 14 pillared grid, organized in two lines that support all the construction. The most amazing part of this home is that when the doors from the first level are opened wide, the living room becomes totally open to the gardens.

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This amazing and simple home is perfect for you because it doesn’t keep you a hostage between the walls of your own propriety. It gives you space, a lot of air to breath and a lot of natural light. You should feel yourself blessed in such am awesome home.



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