The Thomas eco residence surrounded by beautiful native vegetation

This is the Thomas Eco House. It’s a contemporary residence located in the Cascade foothills between Arlington and Sedro Woolly, in Washington, USA. It was a project developed by Designs Northwest Architects. The house sits on a 11 acre site and allows views of the hills, Mt. Rainier and the city of Everett to the South.

The Thomas Eco House is a four-storey residence surrounded by beautiful native vegetation irrigated with rainwater runoff from the roof that is stored in a cistern. It’s not called the Eco House for nothing. The client was interested in a energy-efficient and sustainable, low maintenance design so he asked the architects to help him put all that into practice. As a result, the house has two layers of insulation with concrete in between that remains in place on both the exterior and the interior.

This very efficient system allows for a 44% reduction of the required heating energy and 33% reduction of required cooling energy if we were to compare the house with a wood frame structure of equal size. The residence also uses a geothermal heat pump that is tied in with a hydronic heating system. It uses air from a subterranean chamber. It has large windows facing South and concrete floors that store the heat during the day and release it slowly throughout the evening.{found on archdaily}

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