The sustainable and luxurious House by the Pond from Water Mill, New York

House by the Pond was a project developed by Bridgehampton-based design studio Stelle Architects. It takes the form of a beautiful two-storey property that was built in Water Mill, New York. The house had to respond to several requirements in terms of both style and program. The site itself was problematic.The resulted design for this lovely property was a response to a series of environmental regulations but also to an array of difficulties related to the solar orientation and programmatic requirements, as well as to the constraints presented by the site.

The strategy the architects created was simple and practical. They placed the two-storey volume along the western side of the site, oriented north-south. This volume contains all the bedrooms and bathrooms and so the location and orientation also provided the privacy needed.In addition to this volume, the property also presents a single-story pavilion. Its interior is separated by two large glass doors.

The pavilion is located parallel to the street. Overall, the whole project was a contemporary creation with a simple and stylish design. For the exterior, the materials used include anodized aluminum for the doors and windows and cedar and cement for the board siding. They are low-maintenance materials and they’re also very durable and sustainable. The residence also uses an efficient geothermal heating and cooling system, an advanced insulation system and energy-efficient glazing.{pictures from Matthew Carbone, Frank Oudeman.}

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