The Sunny Wentworth Rd House in Sydney

The Wentworth Rd House is located in Vaucluse, Sydney, Australia and it’s a building with a contemporary and quite complex design. The residence was designed by Edward Szewczyk Architects in collaboration with structural engineer D’Ambrosio Consulting and completed in 2012. The orientation and location of the site allowed the architects to take full advantage of the views.

The house sits on the sunny side of the street from where it also allows its inhabitants to admire the panoramic views of Sydney Harbour. The residence was organized on three levels with an additional roof terrace that provides dramatic views of the surroundings. The design and structure of the building are unusual for that area. Some of the distinct elements that allow it to stand out in comparison with the other residences include a part of the outdoor functions that are either in the street frontage or above the street.

Another unusual detail is the fact that the ground floor is partially suspended. The property also has a beautiful rear garden dominated by an old gum tree. The main living area situated on the ground floor was strategically placed where it could benefit from these elements. It has both views of the harbor and views of the garden. The ground level is almost entirely transparent while the other two levels provide more intimate spaces. .

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