The stylish Valonga House by Atelier Nuno Lacerda Lopes

The Valonga House is a contemporary Portuguese property located in Valonga, Portugal. It was a ptoject by Espinho-based Atelier Nuno Lacerda Lopes. The house has a very simple but very beautiful design. It’s basically a large structure with two large volumes. The entry is conveniently placed in between these volumes. As expected, the residence has large windows that provide natural light while also creating a smooth transition between the internal and external areas.

In order to also provide privacy to the inhabitants, the house is closed on the street side and opened on the other side. Even though it seems to have a very simple design, this doesn’t mean designing it was easy. The architects had to take into consideration the functional requirements, the light, natural ventilation and air circulation. This is why the volumes include compartments with different heights and with openings on different side. In fact, each area is different.

The house seems like a continuous structure when in fact the interior is partitioned in different areas and each one had its own design and characteristics. Still, there’s also a sense of uniformity. As for the interior, it’s very bright and stylish. The décor is minimalist and the walls and white throughout the house. The wooden floors add warmth to the décor and the chic furniture adds style. The interior is functionally divided and structured and each room and each area is different and yet able to follow a larger theme.

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