The stylish Carefree house is a modern oasis in the Arizona desert

Living in the desert doesn’t really seem like an attractive option because of the conditions but there are a lot of other elements we don’t take into consideration before jumping to such conclusions. The perfect example to illustrate what we’re trying to assert is the Carefree house, a gorgeous desert home in Arizona. I has a modern design and it’s an actual oasis in this region.

The house is located 40 minutes from the airport. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room and a kitchen. It’s the basic structure and it’s exactly what one needs to feel comfortable here. In addition to the beautiful interior design, the house also has a beautiful courtyard decorated with plants and vegetation. There’s also a 2-storey guest house which contains a bedroom, a bathroom, an office and a roof deck with amazing views.

The views are indeed splendid and different from what you’re used with. This makes this house a perfect retreat. The location offers lots of great features and it’s convenient too. With plenty of restaurants close-by, living here is easy, pleasant and wonderful. There’s a very nice exotic feel and, although the design of the house is not that unusual, it looks very refreshing in this setting.

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