The Square house adorns the Spanish landscape with its minimalist design

The Square House is a luxurious residence situated in Mahon, on the island of Menorca. Occupying a total area of 180 square meters, the house is not overly large but it has a design that allows it to take full advantage of the site and the views. It was a project by MODO architectures.

Surrounded by a peaceful area and beautiful views, the house was built in between two existing residences. It stands out with its very clean and simple design. One of the main concerns when building the residence was being able to offer it the privacy it needs while also respecting the neighbors and taking advantage of the views. It’s why the geometric design was chosen.

The house is almost completely enclosed on the north side. It opens up to the south in order to captures the views of the sea. The interior is structured into two levels. The first floor contains the bedrooms and is a private zone while the living area and the kitchen are ion the ground level. The interior design is very simple, with a color palette based on the classical black and white combo, with cheerful yellow accents.

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