The splendidly redesigned Macalister Mansion in Malaysia

The Macalister Mansion is located in Penang, Malaysia. It might seem modern now but this is actually a 100-year old structure. Recently it has been completely redesigned. It was a project developed by Singapore-based Ministry of Design. But it wasn’t just the design that changed. The mansion also changed its function and got transformed into a hotel.

It went from old to contemporary and from private to public. But, even though the interior design is highly contemporary, the exterior of the Macalister Mansion still preserves some of the symbols of the past. Its architecture underwent serious changes but, even after all that, some of the original features are still visible and can be admired.

The interior of this newly-transformed hotel is full of surprises. It’s difficult to say whether or not there is a single style and influence that coordinates the entire décor since each room and each space is unique. But let’s take the rooms one by one and see what makes them special. There are several bedrooms, bedroom suites and open plans. They are all unique but they also all share in common a very clean, simple, modern and elegant interior décor and design.

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In the case of suites with both bedroom and living room or bedroom and bathroom, these spaces are usually separated by glass walls. It’s a way of acknowledging that there is a separation between those spaces but also that it’s a symbolic separation. For those that prefer an intimate dining space, there is a small but very beautiful room with a single dining table. Here the décor is simple, elegant, chic and based on shades of white and blue.

A separate, larger dining room is also available. This room is also unique. It’s a sort of artificial, contemporary representation of a décor that’s somewhere in between natural and artificial. Here the walls, floor and furniture are all white and light blue was used as a complementary color, with just a hint of pastel pink.



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