The Sleek Highlights Of The Hawthorn Residence in Australia

The Hawthorn Residence sits of a site located in Hawthorn, Australia. It was designed and built by Canny and it has a very distinctive look. As you can see, everything seems to have been very carefully detailed and designed. The house and the property as a whole are perfectly positioned and balanced. Designed to serve as a family home, this modern and sleek residence has a very functional structure.

The client wanted the house to be composed of several independent living zones. Each one was to have a specific function and together they would satisfy the need for space of a growing family. The house has large spaces where the children can be active, have fun and interact. Even so, there’s still that overall cohesive atmosphere of a family home.

As for the overall design, the client requested a new house but he wanted the façade to be traditional in order to blend in with the other constructions in the area and to compliment the streetscape. The house becomes more and more modern as you advance towards the rear of the building. This makes the front rooms a little more traditional while the rest have more modern interior designs and structures.

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At the rear of the house there’s also a very interesting pool with a curved design. It’s complimented by outdoor entertaining areas with canopy skylights and outdoor heaters. Also, the house has a cellar with a very detailed and very beautiful design. It offers a 2,000 unit wine storage, wine fridge and everything else a wine cellar could need.



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