The Sky Ranch – Stunning Roof top House

The Sky Ranch is a stunning roof top house located in Seattle, Washington and designed by Miller Hull Partnership. In the house, the architect has created a wonderful small oasis on the terrace which is not put to any productive use in most of the cases. In addition, a small casual sitting space through the use of light chairs and tables has also been created in order to allow the residents to enjoy their tea and snacks along with the cool breeze and wind. It is doubtless that the concept adopted by the house is simply amazing.

It’s a very beautiful house and the views that are available from up there are quite amazing. The interior design is quiet and cozy. It has that family home look. The atmosphere seems very inviting and warm. The most impressive element in terms of furniture is that huge storage system that takes an entire wall. It gives you plenty of space all your books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, collectibles, valuables and anything else you can think of that fits in those spaces.

Of course, an interesting element is that terrace. It could make a very nice space where you can spend some relaxing time chatting, enjoying each other’s company and enjoying some cold drinks in a nice sunny day. Actually, it would be like an outside living room, with beautiful views.

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