The Single-Family Oxlade Residence by Arkhefield

This solid and dynamic-looking house is located in New Farm, an inner suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. And it was a project developed by Brisbane-base studio Arkhefield. The construction was completed in 2009. At the beginning the owners wanted a bold contemporary house design but the town planning codes dictated that the house must adopt a Character Housing typology. This meant that they had to give up their original plans and reorient toward something a little less bold and more compact and simple.

Nevertheless, they managed to come up with an impressive modern design. The most impressive feature of the house is definitely the dynamic and irregular roof. It’s a steel roof placed on a concrete structure. The house has a solid structure and a compact design, with a solid core and integrated verandas and layered screening.

The interior of the house is not divided into traditional room but adopts a more fluid structure, with wrapping walls and large open spaces. The barrier between private and public is less visible than in traditional home but it’s still there. Inside, there’s a spiral staircase that connects the levels, featuring a very artistic shape, like a ribbon undulating in the wind.

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Overall, the house is a very beautiful and bold place, with a dynamic contemporary design. It seems like the owners, together with the architects, managed to get over the impediments without having to renounce to a lot of things.



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