The Simple, Soft And Elegant Design Of A Vacation Home In Japan

A vacation home needs to be simple. It doesn’t have to look like a regular residence since it’s not. It should be inviting but it should also lack certain elements that would also make it feel less comfortable. But since it’s not easy to describe with words such a design, we found a perfect example. This vacation home can be found near Mount Yatsugatake in Hokuto-City, Japan.

The house was built in 2012 and it was designed by MDS architects. The Tokyo-based architects had to face the challenge of creating a design for a vacation home in an area that doesn’t offer the most pleasant temperatures. Making a house feel inviting and cozy is easy when the weather is helpful as well. But when you can have to do that in spite of what nature throws at you, it becomes a challenge.

Nevertheless, the project was a big success. Designed for an elderly couple, this vacation home is very charming. It has a simple and modern design and it’s very inviting. Notice how lean and soft the lines and angles are throughout the space. The Curved corners and the soft angles are a detail that makes this vacation house seem very friendly.

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Also, the exterior design of the house is very beautiful as well. It nicely incorporates the natural environment around it but it also contrasts with the landscape. Everything is very well-balanced. I particularly like the contrast between the clean, asymmetrical structure of the house and the friendly and soft interior décor.



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