The Silvertree Residence by Secrest Architecture

The Silvertree residence is a lovely mix of modern and classic. It’s a stylish house located in the Sonoran desert and it was originally built in the 1970s. It has been renovated and remodeled by Tucson-based firm Secrest Architecture and it now features a beautiful mix of mid-century elegance and modern dynamism.

The property is also defined by a permanent indoor-outdoor juxtaposition. Originally, the house was just a small and old building with a future that didn’t look that bright. However, the architects managed to completely transform it and turn it into a wonderful family residence. Some major changes had to be made. Because originally the floor plan wasn’t designed to allow the users to enjoy the outdoor area and the wonderful climate, that problem had to be remedied.

A series of indoor-outdoor living areas were created. Also, the kitchen and the dining room were remodeled and a new multifunctional space was introduced into the design. These areas are organized around a three-sided fireplace and they also connect the users with the exterior. The garage had to be relocated so that it would be easier to access and it would create a stronger indoor-outdoor connection for the rest of the house. In between the living areas and the newly relocated garage was created a pantry that serves as a storage area and as a transitional space. The house is like new again and it’s even better that its old version.

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