The Shard, Western Europe’s tallest building, is being inaugurated

The Shard is a tall tower that shines over the London Bridge Quarter in London. It’s not just tall tower but in fact the tallest in all Western Europe. Even though some critics don’t really agree with or appreciate this project, the tower is an impressive monument on multiple levels.

The Shard is almost entirely owned by the state of Qatar (95%). T has 72 floors and offers 360 degree views of the city. It’s an exquisite mix of design and engineering and it could even be considered an eco-friendly building, not a very common attribute of skyscrapers. That’s because of 20% of the steel that was used to build the tower was recycled. Also, 95% of the waste produced during construction was recycled as well. In addition to that, each floor of the tower features sky gardens that help with the natural ventilation and improve air quality while also being a refreshing detail for the décor.

The tower is 1,106 feet tall and inside it contains a mix of office, retail and residential spaces. It also includes deluxe hotels and restaurants. It’s a mix of everything one basically needs and it’s all right there in the tower. It took the architects three years to complete the tower and it’s finally complete. For that, London is celebrating the news with an inaugurating party and a laser show that everyone can enjoy. If you also want to enjoy the views from the tower you’ll have to pay £20 or wait until February 2013 when they’ll be open to the public.

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