The Serafides House – traditional on the outside and contemporary on the inside

Combining styles is quite common but we usually see them mixed together. In the case of this particular project, two very distinct styles were used independently and the differences between them are very clear and visible. This is the Serafides House. It’s located in Platres, Cyprus and it’s a residence that combines a traditional exterior with a contemporary interior.

The house is located on a very steep hill and so its structure and shape reflect that. The stone exterior definitely has a traditional look and sends a message that doesn’t really reflect the interior design of this place.

Completed in 2012, the house was a project by Cyprus-based architectural firm VARDAstudio. They chose a contemporary approach for the interior and they made it open and airy. It’s why the exterior and the roof compared to the interior are two very different concepts. This contrast was deliberately chosen to create an element of surprise.

The entry is at the top of the hill, a quite interesting choice. The house is wrapped in local stone and wood and the shutters further emphasize the traditional allure. It does have, however, strategically-placed openings that let the light in and allows us to have a glimpse at the very different universe inside. All floors are bright and filled with light and they have a very open and airy feel.

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