The Sculptural Molecular Science Complex From The Lims La Trobe University

A building should always express something and it should be a visual representation of the function that space performs. If being explicit is difficult, then it should at least give us a hint for what happens inside. In fact, they should all use as a model this eye-catching building. This is the new molecular science complex built at the Lims La Trobe University.

It was a project by Melbourne-based Lyons Architects and, as you can see, the building stands out for several reasons. It’s definitely a great and important addition to the local architecture. This $100 million dollar molecular science complex is officially known as the LIMS Complex. It’s part of one of Australia’s top research universities in the fields of cell biology and biochemistry. It’s also definitely a very attractive building. Who wouldn’t enjoy studying in such an eye-catching structure? And if you love the exterior, wait until you get inside.

The structure has six levels and it’s a state-of-the-art teaching and research building. It can definitely be identified after a few remarkable architecture details. First of all, you can notice the honeycomb-like façade. It’s also a colorful façade with angular elements that frame the windows. The windows have very interesting and sculptural geometric shapes. They definitely make you rethink everything you knew about windows.

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Inside, there are massive columns which are great for support. These columns are beautifully integrated into the décor with the help of bright colors. Also, all the spaces feature vibrant colors and lots of natural light coming through the oversized custom windows.{Photography by Dianna Snape}.



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